Review Policy

Review Policy for UBN Temporary Employment Agency

At UBN Temporary Employment Agency, we value transparency and reliability, and we want to ensure that our customers get the most relevant and valuable information from the reviews we display. Therefore, we have established a review policy that complies with the new rules for online sales (in effect from May 2022).

1. Selection of reviews

We choose to show some nice 4 or 5 star reviews that we think the reader will benefit from. We do this to ensure that the reviews we show are representative of customer experiences at UBN Temporary Employment Agency.

2. Fake Reviews

We maintain a strict effort to prevent fake reviews. We verify the authenticity of reviews by taking various measures, such as checking IP addresses and verifying customer information. Negative reviews will not simply be removed unless they are demonstrably fake.

3. Sponsored reviews

We will never reviewers pay or give benefits in exchange for a review without clearly indicating this. If a review is sponsored, we will explicitly state this with a label such as "Sponsored."

4. Moderation of reviews

Negative reviews will not be removed without mention and only the positive reviews will be shown. We will moderate reviews fairly and evenly and remove negative reviews only if we can prove that they are false and unlawful.

5. External review platforms

We encourage customers to share their experiences on external review platforms such as Google or Trustpilot. These platforms comply with the information requirement on reviews and provide an independent and reliable collection of customer reviews. We also only use reviews from these platforms.

6. Assessment of average score

We will clearly state how we calculate the average score for a product or service so that customers have a transparent view of the overall quality. In the case of UBN Uemployment agency comes the average from Google review. Om because it collaborates with Trustpilot and a combination of reviews displayed.

7. Accountability and response to negative reviews

We take negative reviews seriously and will analyze them and use them as learning opportunities to improve our service. We will respond to negative reviews in a professional and respectful manner, addressing the customer personally and trying to resolve the problem or accommodate the customer.

8. Duty of disclosure and review policy

We will communicate clearly and transparently about our review policy on our website. We will explain how we handle reviews, how we counteract fake reviews and what measures we take to ensure the reliability of reviews.

We hope this review policy contributes to a transparent and reliable representation of customer experiences at UBN Uitzendbureau. If you have any questions or comments about our review policy, we are always ready to answer them.