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Join Santrade to work as an order picker collecting thousands of screws, bolts and nuts and satisfying customers. Or would you rather start as a facilities administrative assistant? Then apply for one of our vacancies!

About Santrade

Santrade, located in Den Hoorn, is a 1 of 4 distribution centers of the Sandvik Group from Sweden. It is a well-organized company employing 42,000 people worldwide, represented in about 150 countries. The organization is a major supplier of equipment, tools, services, support and technical solutions for mining and other industries.

At Santrade Den Hoorn we deal with the distribution of special tools and hard metals, which are ordered from all over the world. As an order picker you collect a wide range of tools and make sure they are ready for shipment. The brands are divided among various departments employing over 250 people.

The departments have a cozy and family atmosphere. This manifests itself, for example, in a pleasant evening out from time to time!

Are you coming from Delft or Rotterdam? Within 20 minutes you are on location to get started at this fun organization.

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