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An important customer of our Schiphol-Rijk facility is WWT.

WWT provides total distribution in warehouse, inventory and transportation management. They offer a customized solution for transportation and storage of goods. The organization is a top global player in the field of transport and logistics services in 32 countries. Over 20 locations are located in the Netherlands including Amsterdam, for which we are looking for new temporary employees.

WWT's warehouses are spacious and offer enough storage capacity for several products. In the warehousing department we are looking for material handlers. In addition, the vacancies for reach truck drivers, order pickers, checkers and counters are always open. Do you have more experience? It is also possible to apply for vacancies as a planner, team lead and supervisor. When you start working at WWT, you will be given plenty of room to develop yourself and opportunities to grow!

The moment you apply to us, we will review your resume and motivation. Do we see a click with our client? Then we will send you an invitation for an interview. This interview will take place at our office on the van Woustraat in Amsterdam. Want to know more about working at UBN? Then look here. During this interview we will discuss your work experience and wishes for a new challenge. We will also provide some additional information about the work and the company. Do we still see a click and are you also enthusiastic? Then we introduce you immediately to the client. Is the client also enthusiastic about your resume? Then they will invite you for a personal interview. Of course they would also like to assess whether the click we have seen is justified. Are you both as enthusiastic as we are? Then we would like to see you one more time at our office to complete the paperwork! The moment they are satisfied with your performance, they will take you over on contract.

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