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When you start working at Sylvaphane you will find yourself in a very dynamic family business. There are different departments where you can come to work. They have many different machines and therefore many different jobs. So at this company you are guaranteed a lot of learning fun in the coming years!

If you start as a temp and you complete your 1040-hour temp period well, you will be taken over by Sylvaphane with the prospect of a permanent contract.

About Sylvaphane

We dare say that everyone has had a Sylvaphane product in his or her hands at one time or another. You too have probably eaten candy, cookies, vegetables, fruit, bread, cheese or meat. And all these products are of course beautifully packaged. Big chance that this packaging came from our client Sylvaphane!

Sylvaphane is a manufacturing company in that specializes entirely in the manufacture and supply of food packaging films. They supply customers all over Europe with packaging films! That process goes from pellet to plastic bag and of course there is a lot involved.

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