Forklift driver vacancies


Forklift driver

  • Den Dolder
  • 40
  • €15.31 per hour
As a forklift driver, do you want to play a crucial role in the smooth running of production processes? Are you an experienced forklift driver looking for a responsible job with lots of challenges? Then we have the perfect vacancy for you at Remia! As a forklift driver at Remia, you will be responsible for the safe and efficient transport of goods and materials. You will work with a forklift and take care of loading and unloading trucks, stacking goods in the warehouse and organized storage. Following strict safety procedures is very important. In addition, working with colleagues and adhering to production schedules is important to contribute to a smooth logistics operation. What do we offer you? - Salary: €15.31 per hour, +/- €2,600 per month (including ADV allowance, excluding shift bonus) with 8% vacation allowance- A nice team to work with- Working on beautiful products and end results- A responsible job with many challenges
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Lift and reach truck driver

  • Utrecht
  • 40
  • €2,860.00 - €3,380.00 per month
At Nedal Aluminium in Utrecht you will receive a starting salary of at least € 2860,- gross per month as a forklift and reach truck driver. This includes bonuses and depends on your age and experience. You can put your talents to good use in a team that is fun, where we consult and work together a lot. As a forklift and reach truck driver you work full-time and you have a chance of a permanent contract with Nedal. Other advantages of working at Nedal Aluminium are: A standard shift bonus of 16%; Travel allowance from 5 kilometers and 5% ATV; Opportunities for development and advancement within the company; Company clothing and personal protective equipment; Fun company outings organized throughout the year; Clear house rules ensure a familiar and pleasant atmosphere within the team.
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Forklift driver

  • Zaandam
  • 40
  • €2,318.00 - €2,318.00 per month
Are you an experienced forklift driver who feels like a fish out of water in a warehouse environment? Then we have the opportunity for you! We are looking for driven candidate who is skilled in maneuvering large material. Your new workplace is located in Zaandam, where you will receive a gross monthly salary of € 2,318. What we offer: Working days from Monday to Friday from: 9:00 - 18:00 hours / 10:00 - 19:00 hours. A salary of € 13,27 gross per hour. Travel allowance.
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Forklift driver

  • 40
  • €2,905.00 - €2,905.00 per month
Don't you know a better forklift operator than yourself? We're offering you the chance to show us. And to grow at a great company in Zoetermeer. Join our team and enjoy competitive salaries, advancement opportunities and a great working atmosphere. Read on and lift your career to new heights. The hourly salary is 16,76 euros gross per hour (a monthly salary of 2905 euros gross per month). You will work in different shifts (day shift between 06:00 and 18:00 or 14:00 to 23:00 or 08:00 to 17:00). There is an open atmosphere and communication.
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Forklift driver

  • 40
  • €2,644.33 - €2,644.33 per month
Looking for a position where you will be on the forklift all day? Then don't wait any longer and read on quickly about this position as forklift driver! In your first week as forklift driver, you will get to see all departments and be taken around by different colleagues to get to know the warehouse and its operations. You will get to know your colleagues and be introduced to the entire logistics process of this organization. This is important to properly perform your job as a forklift driver in the shipping department. Your remuneration is as follows: Salary of € 13,57 gross per hour (€ 2,644,33 gross per month); Evening allowance of 135% after 21:00 hours; Reimbursement of travel expenses from 10 km; Opportunities to obtain forklift/reachtruck certificates and advance within the company to other positions.
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Forklift driver

As a forklift driver, the forklift is your best friend. He helps you load, unload and move goods. Together you make sure that everything runs (literally) like clockwork. Safety is your number one priority. You work carefully and make sure that all goods are placed in the right place. Are you looking for an independent and challenging position? Then take a look at our forklift driver vacancies. Would you rather work on the reach truck? We can help you with that too. We will make sure that you will soon be driving around the work floor with a smile on your face.

Perfect match
Our job is to find a job that you enjoy going to. That's why we always want to meet you at one of our
branches first. That way we can put a face to the name and discuss what you are looking for in a job. We have experience in the staffing industry since 1991 and smoothly match the right people with suitable companies.

We keep you informed of all forklift driver vacancies
UBN is not an employment agency where you register and then never hear from again. Should there not be an immediate click, we will keep you informed of all developments. Our mission is to find you a job that fits you like a glove. We always see opportunities and continue where others stop. If we recommend you for one of the forklift driver vacancies, we already know for sure that you are the right person for the job.

The right guidance
Many temporary workers find it scary to apply for a job. UBN therefore offers
support in that area as well. We help you write cover letters and prepare you for a possible job interview. Together we ensure that you stand out and can be yourself.

Make an appointment for a personal consultation at one of our branches.

Free diploma or certificate?

You do not yet have a forklift certificate, but would like to work as a forklift truck driver. Through UBN Uitzendbureau you can obtain various diplomas and/or certificates.

Want to advance and increase your job prospects? Then take a free training course and increase your chances! During your working period, it is important to keep growing. That's why you get free access to our online learning platform where you can choose from a variety of courses.

Free training!

Forklift certificate
Operating a forklift requires guidance from an instructor. This is how you learn to drive safely and keep the work environment safe.

A forklift certificate shows that you have received expert training. It shows that you know how to operate a forklift and what rules apply.

UBN cooperates with a specialized training institute for forklift classes. Important to know:

  • Duration: depending on your knowledge, up to 2 days.
  • Theory and Practice.
  • Certificate valid for 5 years.
  • From 16 years of age you may drive with a certificate under supervision, from 18 years of age independently.

What do I need to know?

This is a great opportunity and absolutely free! But of course we ask for something in return.

When you sign up for training or education to earn a degree or certificate, there are a number of conditions associated with it:

In exchange for free training, you must continue to work for UBN for at least a certain period of time. Otherwise, you have to pay back a portion. This depends on how much you have worked since you completed the training.
If you fail the test or do not attend the training, you must repay the cost of the training within two months to UBN employment agency.

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