Side job

UBN has been mediating job seekers to the perfect job and side job for 30 years! Because we focus specifically on the logistics and industrial branch, we have a lot of knowledge of these fields. This enables us to switch quickly and easily to make the right match.

Besides full-time vacancies we also have part-time vacancies and side jobs! Do you want a part-time job? Then you've come to the right place at UBN!

What do we need from you?

To get started with your side job at UBN, we obviously need valid identification. That is a residence permit, passport or ID proof. You cannot identify yourself with a driver's license. In addition, we would of course like to receive your application including your CV in advance! Please make sure that your resume is up-to-date so that we can help you best.

Curious about what we can do for you? Then take a look in our kitchen here!

What do we offer you?

At UBN, you are in control of how much, where and when you get to work somewhere. Do you prefer permanence? No problem! Then we will look for a permanent job at a permanent company. Of course you can plan your working hours as you like. Would you rather work for different clients? That is no problem either. If you indicate your preferences, we will look for suitable clients.

In addition, you can switch to another client at any time if you don't like it. Because we work with many different companies, there are plenty of side jobs to choose from.

Working through UBN

UBN has (in-house) branches throughout the Netherlands, so in most cases we are in your neighborhood! That is very easy to switch. Of course it is also more attractive for you to have a part-time job nearby. So check carefully beforehand which branch is the best one for you to reach. This will be the branch that helps you find a suitable side job.

In major cities we have regular branches, which means you can walk in here five days a week without an appointment! Our colleagues will be happy to help you in: Almere, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam, Groningen and Apeldoorn

In addition to our regular branches, we also have a number of in-house branches: Ameco, Nedal Aluminum, Pally Biscuits, Remia, Santrade, and Schiphol-Rijk.

You worked ... and now?

One of the great advantages of working through UBN is our way of paying out. We pay on a weekly basis! This means that if you work this week, for example, you will have your salary in your bank account by the beginning of next week!


We have many different vacancies. You can work as an order picker, warehouse worker, packer, logistics worker or cleaner! Do you prefer another job? That is also possible! Contact one of our branches and discuss your possibilities.

Do you want a (new) side job as soon as possible?

Then get in touch with one of our branches soon and who knows, maybe you can start working tomorrow!