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Are you working at UBN Uitzendbureau? Then we offer you training and support. Taking a course or training at UBN is completely free.


Your contact at UBN will be happy to tell you more about the possibilities and what the conditions are.

How can UBN help you?

Less stress, more energy

Especially for our temporary workers, we are hosting a webinar on Tuesday, May 21 from 7:00 - 8:00 p.m. about stress and how best to deal with it. The webinar will last up to one hour and can be followed online from your computer, tablet or phone.

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Less stress, more energy

Do you have stress or sometimes it gets too much for you? Do you have frequent headaches? Does your back hurt? Do you have trouble sleeping? Are your neck and shoulders stuck? Then the training 'Less stress, more energy' is for you. You learn in six weeks to deal better with stress by learning where it comes from. Supported by a coach.

Interested? Get in touch with your contact at UBN.

Budget coaching

Are you worried about your financial situation? Then Budget Coaching is for you.

You will work with a budget coach to map out your financial situation. A coach will also help you contact the various authorities and know everything about the various schemes and benefits.

Interested? Get in touch with your contact at UBN.

Take a free training course

Want to advance and increase your job prospects? Then take a free training course and increase your chances!

During your working period, it is important to keep growing. That's why you get free access to our online learning platform where you can choose from a variety of courses.

Interested? Get in touch with your contact at UBN.

Training and certifications

Want to grow and get more work opportunities? At UBN, you can! Below are some examples you can choose from.

Forklift Certificate

Want to get forklift certification? Operating a forklift requires guidance from an instructor. This is how you learn to drive safely and keep the work environment safe. A forklift certificate shows that you have received expert training. It shows that you know how to operate a forklift and what rules apply. UBN works with a specialized training institute for forklift classes. Important to know:

  • Duration: depending on your knowledge, up to 2 days.
  • Theory and Practice.
  • Certificate valid for 5 years.
  • From 16 years of age you may drive with a certificate under supervision, from 18 years of age independently.

Reach truck certificate

Difference forklift and reach truck: Forklifts lift up to 4.5 meters, reach trucks can reach up to 12 meters. A reach truck has one rear wheel in the middle, making the turning radius small. Forklifts have two rear wheels for stability.

  • The seating position is different. On a forklift, you sit right behind the landing, facing the lifting mechanism. With a reach truck, you sit a quarter turn. So you have a different field of view.
  • With a reach truck, you can only drive indoors. Forklifts have pneumatic tires, which is why they can be used outside and on public roads.

Reach truck training

Like forklift controls, for a reach truck job, it is recommended that you take reach truck training. This will help you avoid accidents, know the hazards and how to work safely.

If you have successfully completed the training, you will receive an officially recognized certificate that you must carry with you on the job. Your reach truck certificate is just like a driver's license for a car, but proof that you are authorized to drive a reach truck.

UBN works with a specialized training institute where you can take reach truck classes or refresher classes. Important to know:

  • Length of training depends on your knowledge with driving a reach truck. Maximum time is 2 days.
  • The reach truck training includes a theory and a practical part.
  • The reach truck certificate is valid for 5 years.
  • You may drive a reach truck from age 16 with a reach truck certificate and always under supervision. From 18, you may drive a reach truck independently with a reach truck certificate.

VCA certificate

SCC training is a tool to better comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act. You gain knowledge about safety and gain insight into recognizing unsafe situations. After the training you can better respond to certain situations by taking the right measures to prevent accidents. This makes you aware of health and safety in your workplace.

VAPRO training

With a VAPRO training you will gain up-to-date knowledge of the process industry. Obtaining this valuable certificate will allow you to work as an operator. An operator is responsible for one or more machines that make and/or process products.

Language courses and other courses

At UBN, we also offer the opportunity to take language courses to enhance your employability. Is other training needed to start your ideal job? Ask about the possibilities, we are happy to get in touch.

Are you experiencing stress? Follow the webinar for free: Less stress, more energy

Getting through life without stress is something we all want, of course. Anyway, everyone experiences stress from time to time. But too much is not good for your health. But what is too much stress? Do you often have headaches? Does your back hurt? Do you have trouble sleeping? Are your neck and shoulders tight? Or perhaps you notice that you have a slightly shorter fuse? And your concentration isn't what it used to be either....

Stress takes a lot of energy; if you do nothing about it, these symptoms can lead to burnout. It is valuable to work on this.

Especially for temporary workers, we are hosting a completely free webinar on Tuesday, May 21 from 7:00 - 8:00 pm. The webinar is simply online and can be followed from your computer, tablet or phone. It will last up to an hour. There will also be time to ask questions via chat.


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