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Production Employee

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  • 40
  • €2,436.00 per month
  • Dutch

Here's what you get

Do you enjoy working in production? Then read on soon for this new challenge in production.

As a production worker, you will work in an organization that specializes in chemicals and polymers. Your responsibilities include bottling, labeling, packaging and preparing products for shipment.

  • Full-time or part-time position as a production worker.
  • A salary of at least €2,500 gross per month.
  • The opportunity to grow with the organization.
  • Development opportunities through courses and/or training you can take through us.

What you will do

As a production worker, you make products for the food industry. Therefore, cleanliness and accuracy are paramount in the work process. In the production process you constantly keep in mind the safety and environmental guidelines. You will work in a continuously innovative work environment where you are constantly looking for improvements in the production process.

As a production employee you will work full-time in the day shifts. You will earn a salary between € 14,- and 15,- gross per hour.


Apply quickly and we will contact you as soon as possible!

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What do we offer you?

  • Good salary
  • Easily accessible public transportation
  • A lot of responsibility
  • Part-time and full-time opportunities

Your qualities

  • You are willing to work day shifts (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.).
  • You work accurately and neatly.
  • You master the Dutch language (this is important for being able to read the various labels).
  • You have experience as a production worker.

Where will you work

The organization is an international operating organization. Specialized in developing chemicals and polymers with the latest technology. They have been in existence for over thirty years. Within this organization there is an entrepreneurial and innovative culture, where quality, safety and environment are paramount.

The application process

The moment you apply to us, we will review your resume and motivation. Do we see a click with our client? Then we will send you an invitation for an interview. This interview will take place at our office in Apeldoorn.

During this interview we will discuss your work experience and wishes for a new challenge. We also provide some additional information about the work and the company. Do we still see a click? Then we will introduce you immediately to the client. Does the vacancy no longer appeal to you? Then we will discuss other vacancies that might suit you better.

Does the client also like your resume? Then they will invite you for a personal interview and who knows, you might be working as a production worker right away.

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Apply quickly and we will contact you as soon as possible!

Apply directly

How does it work?

You apply

Thank you for applying! We will review your application and assess your suitability for the position and the company.

We are looking for contact

Our recruiter will call or email you. We'll discuss your application and your career options.

We meet

Haven't worked through UBN before? Then we need some basic information from you. We invite you for a brief introduction.

You get to work!

Together we'll schedule your first day of work and introduce you to your supervisor. The match is made.