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Production Employee

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  • Nieuwegein
  • 40
  • €2,600.00 per month
  • Dutch

Here's what you get

Working as a production worker at Pally Biscuits, also known as "the cookie factory in Nieuwegein. Every day they make 10 million cookies. We are looking for a production employee who wants to work on a flexible basis and neatly pack all cookies from production. You will earn a starting salary of at least € 14.97 gross per hour. This is without bonuses (average 28.75%) and depends on age and experience. What else?

  • Possibility of permanent employment.
  • Travel allowance 0.23 euros per kilometer.
  • Opportunity to attend training or courses, up to operator.

Clear house and hygiene rules ensure a familiar and pleasant atmosphere within the team.

What you will do

In this role as a production employee, you will work in various departments and support our (process) operators and line employees. Your duties are diverse and include:

  • Replacing packaging film on the machines.
  • emptying bins of residual material.
  • cleaning duties.
  • stacking and packing products.

Pally Biscuits is open 7 days a week and work a morning shift (07:00-15:00), afternoon shift (15:00-23:00) and night shift (23:00-07:00). As a production worker on a flexible basis, you will indicate each week, which days you want to work. Depending on your availability, you will receive weekly schedules.


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What do we offer you?

  • Good salary
  • Flexibility in services
  • Advancement opportunities
  • Prospect of permanent contract
  • Travel reimbursement
  • Part-time and full-time opportunities

Your qualities

  • You have experience as a production worker;
  • You would like to advance to the position of operator.
  • You have a positive attitude and create a motivating work atmosphere by sharing energy with your colleagues.

Where will you work

Pally Biscuits is a specialized bakery in the international cookie market. With modern machinery, we produce millions of delicious cookies every day from our industrial bakery in Nieuwegein. Since 2012 we have been experiencing tremendous growth, with recent investments of over 30 million euros in production lines. We are planning larger investments and our colleagues work hard in production, always open to different ideas.
"Pride is what I feel when I think of Pally Biscuits. Proud of the commitment of everyone working for us, proud of our 130-year history, of our pure ingredients, the modern technology and of course proud of the open and honest cooperation with our customers all over the world." - Managing Director

The application process

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